ISS Procure PASS

Partner Assured Sourcing Solution

About ISS Procure PASS

ISS have partnered with supplier and subcontractor management specialists Pegasus to manage our pre-approval process.

ISS Procure PASS (Partner Assured Sourcing Solution) underpins ISS core values and reinforces our commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone working across all our sites.

How it works

All Suppliers and Subcontractors register their company details and select work categories and locations in which they operate. These selections are linked to selected documentation which cover insurances, licences and legislative certificates.

Registration is required prior to work or supply of goods commencing.

Why register with ISS Procure PASS?

Registered suppliers and subcontractors benefit by:

  • Being part of a database of trusted and qualified contractors
  • Having quality work opportunities
  • Receiving a valued WHS desktop audit by professional WHS auditors
  • Maintaining a detailed company profile and receiving electronic reminders

Our priority is complying with Work Health and Safety legislation and ensuring everyone is safe and qualified when they access ISS-managed sites. Managing this shared duty of care in ISS Procure PASS ensures we are working together with qualified, competent and skilled subcontractors and suppliers.

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Pegasus creates services and solutions for contractor engagement and workforce management.

Pegasus_Logo_RGB_Web_581x250The complete Pegasus contractor management solution is called Onsite Track Easy. A real-time online contractor management solution, Onsite:

  • provides immediate access to data on contractors
  • manages all training and inductions
  • administers contractor and supplier compliance and pre-qualification documents
  • manages the qualifications and competency, including licences and medicals, of all workers involved in a project
  • awards accreditation upon successful completion of inductions and assessments
  • provides tools for audit, investigation and inspection of contractors
  • offers online and call centre support
  • manages contractor performance over term of their contract