ISS Procure PASS

Subcontractor Registration

Subcontractor Registration

The ISS Procure PASS process is completed in five steps for subcontractors, those who supply both goods and services:

Step 1 | Register a username and password

Step 2 | Register company details

Step 3 | Pay for registration based on category

Step 4 | Upload documents and complete self-assessment to support registration

Step 5 | Complete Safety Management System review if required

Please visit the FAQ’s and Documents page for user guides and helpful information. The process is outlined below.


Step 1 > Register a username and password

ISS Procure PASS can be found here >> 

Start by entering a user name of your choosing, plus your email address and a password. A confirmation of your details will be sent via email.

Creating an account in ISS Procure PASS

Step 2 > Register company details

Using your new details, login to ISS Procure PASS here >>

You may now follow the process to register your company, which includes selecting if you are a supplier or subcontractor. As a subcontractor, you will enter your address, contact details and ABN, and select the insurances and licences your business can supply to support your registration.

You’ll also be prompted to enter information like work activities and capabilities, key personnel and industrial relations details.

Step 3 > Pay for registration based on category

You will now be categorised using the information you have provided.

Category 1 (high-risk subcontractors) will be charged $AU400 + GST comprising: $AU300 + GST for the desktop audit (valid for three years), $AU100 + GST annual account renewal fee.

Category 2 (low-risk subcontractors) will be charged $AU200 + GST comprising: $AU100 + GST for the desktop audit (valid for three years), $AU100 + GST annual account renewal fee.

New Zealand subcontractors with valid prequal documentation will only pay the $AU100 + GST annual renewal.  These subcontractors must maintain a valid certificate or they’ll be required to complete a desktop SMS audit.

 Step 4 > Upload documents and complete self-assessment to support registration

At this stage you will be prompted to upload valid copies of licences, insurances and any accreditation documents you indicated you could supply earlier in the process. You will also be prompted to answer questions in a subcontractor self-assessment.

Step 5 > Complete Safety Management System review

The final step for subcontractor registration is to successfully complete a SMS review. A SMS review is an independent desktop review of your Work Health and Safety documents by a qualified WHS professional. The documents you’ll be asked to upload for your SMS review depend on your category and may include, but are not limited to:

  • WHS / OHS Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Risk Management Procedures
  • Systems of Work process including incident management
  • Drug and Alcohol management
  • Emergency management
  • Training procedures including induction management
  • Subcontractor Management (if applicable)
  • Continual improvement processes

Your SMS questions and submitted documents will be audited within five business days of submission and you’ll be emailed if corrective actions are required for you to meet compliance.

Please note: if you have previously been a Mercury subcontractor in New Zealand, and have completed and maintain a valid Prequal Assessment Certificate, you will be able to upload this certificate instead of completing the SMS process.

You will be compliant when both the SMS and document upload steps have been verified and approved.

Visit the FAQ’s and Documents page for more information.