ISS Procure PASS

Supplier Registration

Supplier Registration

The ISS Procure PASS process is completed in three steps for suppliers, those who supply goods only (uniforms, stationery, chemicals etc):

Step 1 | Register a username and password

Step 2 | Register company details

Step 3 | Complete a short company questionnaire

Please visit the FAQ’s and Documents page for user guides and helpful information. The process is outlined below.


Step 1 >

ISS Procure PASS can be found by clicking Register at the top of the page >>

Start by entering a user name of your choosing, plus your email address and a password. You’ll be emailed confirmation.

Creating an account in ISS Procure PASS

Step 2 >

Using your new details, login to ISS Procure PASS by clicking Login at the top of the page >>

You may now follow the process to register your company, which includes selecting if you are a supplier or subcontractor. As a supplier, you will enter your address, contact details and ABN/NZBN.

Step 3 >

Finally, you’ll be prompted to answer a short questionnaire about the work your company does as a supplier to ISS, including the regions you work in and the type of work you do.

You’ll be emailed when your registration is approved and compliant in ISS Procure PASS.